Swing Dance Event Organisers and Dance Clubs in Europe

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 Name/Contact/RolesDescription/Dance StylesRegion
Andy and Christelle
Andy and Christelle
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Private Lessons

Chris and Andy teach Lindy Hop in Lyon, France
Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Jazz Steps, Lindy Hop
Joined: 06/07/2007 Last Updated: 28/09/2010
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Balboa on the Promenade
Didier Dumet
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

Balboa festival organiser for Balboa on the Promenade Nice France
Joined: 25/03/2007 Last Updated: 28/11/2012
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Blues Castle Camp
Jördis Brier
Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, Band/Soloist, DJ, Performance

Blues at the Castle
Joined: 20/11/2013 Last Updated: 20/11/2013
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Camp Canary
Andrew Sutton
Event Organiser

Lindy hop vacation, fun in the sun!
Blues, Lindy Hop
Joined: 29/11/2011 Last Updated: 29/11/2011
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Cork City Swing
Kathleen Farrelly
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Weekend in Cork, Ireland.
Charleston, Jazz Steps, Lindy Hop
Joined: 03/06/2014 Last Updated: 03/06/2014
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Flying Alligators
Vincenzo Fesi and Isabella Gregorio
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

Italians Vincent and Isabella teach Lindy Hop in Como, Italy
Lindy Hop
Joined: 16/05/2007 Last Updated: 03/10/2007
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Fous de Danse
Christelle et Thierry
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

FOUS DE DANSE with Christelle Feugeade & Thierry Bancal organize every year the FESTIV'ALAN SWING
Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll
Joined: 06/03/2008 Last Updated: 26/03/2012
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Herräng Dance Camp
Herräng Dance Camp
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

Original internation Lindyhop dance camp. Go there and change your life!
Balboa, Lindy Hop
Joined: 21/04/2007 Last Updated: 03/10/2007
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It Feels So Good....
Susanne Huber
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Private Lessons

From June 3rd, 2010 - June 6th, 2010 a new Swing Dance-Event at the Costa Blanca SPAIN
Balboa, Blues, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop
Joined: 03/03/2010 Last Updated: 03/03/2010
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M.Jive Munich
Michael Gray
Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, Private Lessons

Tanzen lernen in Muenchen Unterricht & Partys, Learn to dance in Munich. Friendliest in MUC
Modern Jive, West Coast Swing
Joined: 15/01/2015 Last Updated: 15/01/2015
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Paris Flying Festival
Kitty Challier
Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, DJ

evenings with live music and DJ /rock classes, lindy , balboa , boogie , vintage stands
Joined: 06/02/2015 Last Updated: 06/02/2015
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Rob Henneveld
Rob Henneveld
Band/Soloist, Event Organiser

Dutch Nr.1 Jive & Swing Band Jazz Connection
1940s Jive, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Jazz, Jazz Steps, Lindy Hop, Modern Jive, Rock n Roll, West Coast Swing
Joined: 13/03/2010 Last Updated: 29/09/2010
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Roy & Mary Knight
Mary Knight
Child Classes, Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, First Dance, Performance, Private Lessons

Cranbrook St,Hockley,Nottingham NG1 1ER
Ballroom, Jive, Latin (Ballroom), Latin American, Non Partner, Charleston
Joined: 12/05/2014 Last Updated: 20/02/2015
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Szymon Golebiewski
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser

Lindy Hop Dance School
Charleston, Lindy Hop
Joined: 28/12/2013 Last Updated: 26/11/2014
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Snowball, The
Event Organiser

Snowball brings the top teachers for this special time
Joined: 09/11/2007 Last Updated: 09/11/2007
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Studio Hop
Anne Helene, Bernard Cavasa
Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Private Lessons

Anne Helene and Bernard organise the Frenchy Balboa Festival and teach Balboa in Toulouse
Balboa, Lindy Hop
Joined: 25/03/2007 Last Updated: 03/10/2007
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Swedish Swing Society
Event Organiser

We arrange regular classes in Lindy Hop, Tap and Balboa in the spring (2-3 periods) and autumn (2 pe
Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop
Joined: 24/08/2008 Last Updated: 24/08/2008
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Sweeden Balboa
Julia Tivander
Event Organiser

Balboa Organisers in Sweeden
Joined: 26/04/2013 Last Updated: 30/04/2013
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Swing Dance Cork
Elaine Peace
Dance Teacher, DJ, Event Organiser, Private Lessons

Swing dance lessons in Cork
Balboa, Blues, Charleston, Jazz Steps, Lindy Hop
Joined: 02/11/2010 Last Updated: 23/02/2011
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Swing Jam
Norma Owens
Band/Soloist, Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Forum, Performance

Swing Jam offers regular swing dance classes, workshops, and special events in Galway, Ireland.
19C, Jazz, Swing
Joined: 01/07/2012 Last Updated: 02/07/2012
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