About Sussex Shuffle

Sussex Shuffle love to dance Balboa. In fact, they love it so much that they want everyone they know to dance it too!

They are based in East Sussex and enjoy passing on what they have learned from their favourite teachers.

Sussex Shuffle have been dancing Balboa since 2011. They were first mesmerised by it in the bars of New Orleans where dancers made it look so easy and effortless and elegant. And very, very cool! They followed their hearts in search of the best teachers and ended up at Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, where an intense week of classes let them know just how much they had to learn!

After an unexpected opportunity to cover a local class, they discovered they had tons of useful things to share. The class seemed to go quite well and they ended up stepping in for a couple of months. They now teach regularly at this class in Brighton.

And to be honest, they really love doing it. So much so, that they also organise occassional workshops when people twist their arms hard enough

Contact Name: Katy McGrory

Dance Styles: Balboa

Roles: Event Organiser, Regular Dance Classes

Main Area: East Sussex

Website: https://www.facebook.com/balboasussex/