About Dance Action Holiday

Dance Action Holiday, Ski and Rock Ltd, Socially interactive holidays since 1995.

The holidays offer dance workshops & outdoor activities during the day with a dance lesson and freestyle in the evening. Beach Holidays or Skiing/Board Holidays with dancing. More dance styles have been added to the holidays to provide holidays for Salsa, Jive, WCS, Tango & Lindy Hop.

Dance Holiday staff have a wealth of experience in a variety of outdoor activities. Holidays vary, so please check dance styles available. Salsa, WCS, Tango Modern Jive, Lindy Hop + many other dance styles are offered at various holiday locations.

Contact Name: Peter Kershaw

Dance Styles: Argentine Tango, Bachata, Balboa, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Cha Cha (Club), Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Leroc, Lindy Hop, Merengue, Modern Jive, Salsa, West Coast Swing

Roles: Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, Regular Dance Classes, Private Lessons, DJ, Dance Performance, Therapy/Massage

Main Area: Stockport

Website: http://www.danceholiday.co.uk/