Help for Event Organisers and Dance Organisations

Do I have to log in or become a member to see what's on?

No, you can see all forthcoming classes, dances and other dance events from the Events/What's On page without logging in. You can also see the Dance Directory pages.

If you would like to join, there is no charge. Simply click on Join Now! which is shown at the top of every page, on the right hand side of the green menu bar.

How do I search for events in my area and/or my preferred dance style?

Click on Events/What's On in the top menu bar, which will display a calendar showing all dance events for the current month. The first time you click on What's On or Dance Directory you will need to select your location and dance styles. These settings will remain the same for each of these pages until you change them by clicking on the appropriate lozenge at the top of the page.

If you become a member these settings will be stored as your default filters, so when you login the Whats On and Dance Directory pages will show only listings of interest to you. You can change the settings whenever you like. Your default filter settings will only be changed if you tick the "Remember Settings" box.

How do I set the area and/or my preferred dance styles for my What's On emails?

These are set in exactly the same way as searching for events (see above). Your emails will contain the same events that have been set in your default filter settings. If you wish to change this, please remember to tick the "Remember Settings" box.

How accurate is the information?

We take the following steps to try to ensure the accuracy of the information as far as possible:
- We only allow organisers, and approved partners, to add and update events and other information on the website. Members or other users of AreYouDancing are not allowed to update events directly.
- We incorporate a number of checking processes when data is entered.
- We check the data ourselves as often as possible, and encourage partners who work with us to do the same.
Please note, however, that circumstances can change and mistakes do happen. So please check with the organiser before making your journey.

How up to date is the information?

New events are being added each day. Events for dates in the past do not appear on the website. We monitor the activities of the organisers, and request that they keep their information up to date. We will remove those that cease to be active. That having been said, unforseen circumstances do happen and events can be cancelled, so we recommend you check before leaving home.

The calendar doesn’t give me much information. How can I see more information about what’s on?

If you click on the "List View" tab you will see the same events as a list. This will show additional information such as who the event is being organised by, venue, dance styles, and a short description. For full information on the event, click on the event name (from either the calendar or list view). This will take you to a separate page with more information about the event itself, together with information about the organiser. You will find more information about the venue here too, including a map and directions (if provided by the organiser).

Can you help me find my way to a venue?

Yes, if the organiser has provided accurate location information. Click on the event name. This will take you to a separate page with more information about the event itself, including the venue. If the organiser has provided directions, these will be displayed here. A map (GoogleMaps) will show on the page indicating the approximate location of the venue, the accuracy being dependent upon the information entered by the organiser. Use the "+" and "-" symbols in the top left of the map to zoom in or out, and the small arrows in the top right of the map to navigate further up, down, left and right.

How can I find information about a particular organiser?

The Dance Directory pages list all organisers who advertise their events on AreYouDancing. Click on the organiser name. This will take you to a full description of the organiser, including their forthcoming events.

Sometimes the website is a bit slower than normal, why is this?

AreYouDancing is a "dynamic" web site. That is, you can filter and search for events and other information in your area for your preferred dance style. How quickly this information is found and displayed will depend upon how many people are using the site at the same time as you. We are constantly monitoring and improving the speed, so please let us know if speed is a problem for you.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

No. It is free to join and receive full membership benefits

How do I join?

Click on Join Now!
This link is shown at the top of every page, on the right hand side of the green menu bar.

Where is the Personal Planner?

We have unfortunately not had time to implement this part of AreYouDancing. We will try to look at this again as soon as we can.