About Club Jive

We run regular freestyle 'Modern Jive' (a.k.a. 'Ceroc' / 'Leroc') dance nights in the Surrey area.

If you like a cool mix of pop, dance, latin, swing, blues, and nu-tango, then these events are for you :)

We operate a 'loyalty card' scheme, which gives one free entry after 6 visits. This means that you will get a discount of about 15% on the door price on average, if you are a regular visitor to our events.

Please check our web site for the latest information.

Contact Name: David Taylor

Dance Styles: Leroc, Modern Jive

Roles: Event Organiser, DJ

Events: Dance

Main Area: Surrey

Website: http://www.clubjive.com

Forthcoming Events

Date     Event Name/Venue Description/Dance Styles
29 Dec Dance Club Jive 2 Room Freestyle
Addlestone Community Centre
Freestyle Modern Jive / WCS ++ dance night
Blues, Leroc, Modern Jive, West Coast Swing