About Melksham Rock 'n' Roll Club

We have been operating since February 2002 and cater for all styles of dance although the majority of bands seem to play Jive and include strollers, boppers, etc. We hold a dance every month with a live band and DJ.

We are a friendly club with a lovely venue which is an original 50's dance hall. It has a sprung floor and ample seating for around 300 but still has plenty of dancing space. Most months we have a vintage clothing stall and CD Stall plus we have our own dance instructors.

Contact Name: Geoff Mitcham

Dance Styles: Leroc, Modern Jive, Rock n Roll

Roles: Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, Vintage Clothes, Event Photographer

Main Area: Wiltshire

Website: http://www.melkshamrockandroll.co.uk