About Rock n Revellers

Great dance events held for like minded 40's and 50's lovers to get together and listen to great music and dance the time! DJ's Mr Jinx and Pat Kat provide the music so you're guaranteed a great time! Playing a mixture of doo-wop, rock n roll, swing, rhythm and blues, they will have you dancing on the floor and enjoying every song!

Contact Name: Anne-Marie Carratu

Dance Styles: 1940s Jive, Rock n Roll

Roles: Event Organiser

Events: Dance

Main Area: London EC

Website: http://www.rocknrevellers.co.uk

Forthcoming Events

Date   Event Name/Venue Description/Dance Styles
Be At One Boogie
Be At One
Rock n Roll 40's and 50's
1940s Jive, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, East Coast Swing, Leroc, Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll