About Belfast Argentine Tango Society

Argentine Tango is a social dance. It is danced by millions of people around the world in tango clubs called 'milongas'. The social form of the dance is improvised, which makes it great fun! Once you learn the basics of the leading/following you can create your own style and dance sequences.
‚ÄčOur Tango community is very diverse, with dancers coming from many different countries and all ages and backgrounds.

Benefits of dancing tango

Argentinian tango can significantly improve physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being: decrease symptoms of depression, and possibly other dimensions of psychological functioning such as anxiety, stress; promote self-esteem and life satisfaction, body image, social interactions; improve balance and coordination.

Contact Name: Teresa Keenan

Dance Styles: Argentine Tango, Salon Tango, Tango Nuevo, Milonga, Tango Vals, Tango Fusion

Roles: Event Organiser, Dance Teacher, Regular Dance Classes, Wedding First Dance, Private Lessons, Dance Performance, Dance Shoes

Main Area: Belfast