A swing dance band in a cafe on Saturday Lunch time. There will be space for some dancing.

Dance Styles: 1940s Jive, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop

Price: Free entry!

Time: 12, mid day until 3pm.

Beautiful town centre venue, good food and some space to dance. Make the most of a Saturday in Cheltenham.

The Garden Bar, Cheltenham. venue

Lunch time at the garden Bar/Cafe, Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham.

In the Gradens at the back of Cheltenham Town Hall.

Address: The Garden Bar, Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham. Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Honeymoon Swing organiser

Music for swing dance from the twenties to the fifties. Uplifting tunes for Shag, Lindy and Bal'.

Website: http://www.honeymoonswing.com

More information about Honeymoon Swing including other forthcoming events