Weekly swing dance classes in Balboa

Dance Styles: Balboa

Price: One class £5/4 concessions, Two classes £6/5

Time: Beginners 8pm, Intermediates 9pm, then Social Dancing till 10.30pm

Ticket Options: Pay on door

Balboa is a stylish classic dance from the 1930s. Danced to swing music, gypsy jazz or more modern tunes, it's fun, sociable and easy to learn. It's also stylish and smooth and feels great to do. If you like to slide across the dance floor, at medium to fast tempos, without getting too tired, then this is the dance for you.

We run classes for absolute beginners so, even if you haven't done any dancing at all, you can soon master the basics. If you have previously learned other dances, like Jive, Tango, Ballroom Dancing or Salsa, you will be able to take it furher, and what you learn about technique and leading and following will add a whole new dimension to your dancing.

60-68 Trippet Lane (Above Scout Shop) venue

Lovely city centre venue with great floor. Dedicated car park behind venue.

Address: 60-68 Trippet Lane (Above Scout Shop) Sheffield South Yorkshire S1 4EL

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Bella Balboa organiser

Balboa Dance Classes in Sheffield. Beginners class, then Intermediates class, plus social dancing.

Website: http://www.bellabalboa.co.uk/

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