Swing classes and dances events near Channel-islands

With the Charleston originating from the 1920s/30s, and Lindy Hop (Jitterbug) being introduced to the UK during WWII, the styles disappeared in the 1950s only to be revived again in the late 1980s.. The Swing category includes Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, East Coast Swing, Jazz Steps, Laminu, Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.

Classes, dances and other dance events in or near Channel-islands for Swing. Please click on the event name for more information which may include a map.

Date   Event/Venue/Organiser Organiser Distance  
Lindy Hop course inTotnes
The Mansion
Totnes, Devon
South West Lindy Hoppers 95.0
BalBreak: Balboa weekend in a hotel
Livermead Cliff Hotels, Torquay
Torquay, Devon
Dance Balboa 93.0

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