Set up your own Search Filters

Select the region and dance style that you are interested in. When you are logged in the What's On and Dance Directory pages will automatically be set for you. These can be changed if you wish to view events for other regions and/or dance styles.

Build your own diary of events:

If you are interested in an event, simply click on the blue sad face (). Your Calendar will automatically be updated. To view this select Personal Planner from the menu options at the top.

Your friends will also see which events you are going to

Print your own personal calendar

This is available from either My Calendar, Who's Dancing or from the What's On pages

Print Flyers

Print your own flyers including directions, you can also print a map

See which events your friends are going to:

Select Who's Dancing from the Personal Planner section to see all events being attended by yourself or any of your friends. A green smiley face will be displayed if you have registered an interest in this event, or a blue sad face if not. The number beside the event name shows you how many friends will be attending.

See which of your friends will be attending a particular event:

To see the names of any friends attending a particular event, click on the event name. This will display a page with full details of the event including the names of friends attending.

Search for old dance friends:

The Choose Friends page will list all dancers who have joined AreYouDancing who have not requested to remain anonymous. As more and more people join, perhaps you will recognise old dance friends

Make new friends:

You could use the Choose Friends page to find new friends with similar dance interests to you.

Send messages:

You can send messages to your friends, which they will see when they next log in to AreYouDancing.

Messages from friends:

You will see messages from friends when you log in to AreYouDancing. You can choose to receive a weekly email listing any unread messages. Later you will be able to choose the frequency of these emails, such as daily, or weekly on a Monday morning.


Receive notifications of cancellations and other important changes to events you have registered an interest in.
Receive a monthly notification of local events in your chosen dance style(s).
Receive a website message with events your friends have registered an interest in.
You can request a reminder email, listing forthcoming events that you and your friends have registered an interest in. This can be set in <My Profile. The reminder will also include cancellations and other important changes.

Anonymous Users

You can choose to use the website anonymously. Other members of AreYouDancing will not be able to see any information about you, and vice versa. You will, however, still benefit from all the other features of the website such as building and printing your own personal calendar, and receiving weekly reminders of events you have registered an interested in. Later this will include notifications of cancellations and other important changes to events.

For the Future

The following have not yet been implemented, but are listed to give you an idea of features we hope to offer you soon

Arrange car share

Send a global message to all your friends to request (or offer) a lift from anyone traveling in the same direction.

Find a dance partner

Set up a notice to leaders (or followers) to find a partner for a forthcoming event

Your own events

Later, we would like to extend “My Calendar” to allow you to add your own events such as birthdays or private parties. You will be able to choose whether an event can be viewed by your friends or remain private.